“Life doesn’t have to be spent working for someone for 40 years hoping to have time to yourself in retirement.”- Corina Eufinger

Being a 15+ year veteran of real estate I am intensely passionate and enthusiastic about it. I understand your desire to create financial stability and live your life on your terms. I want you to wake up every day with purpose and meaning. I want to show you that you don’t have accept society’s norm of a job and 401k.

As a veteran investor and property manager I also know it can be daunting. There is so much to learn and much more noise to break through. Your time is important and you don’t want to waste time on excessive info and innate chatter. I can help remove the fear and resulting paralysis that comes from information overload on the subject

I used to panic about what if social security doesn’t exist by the time I retire. I used to panic about having income if I lost my job. I took the steps in my life to embrace the true power of real estate and change my life.

I want you to be the badass real estate person that is hiding within you. I started Passive Income Revolution to help others understand that life doesn’t have to be a depressing answer to Cards Against Humanity.  You can make changes and build a life you enjoy.  It’s at our fingertips.  We just need to put down the tv remote for a few hours and find our passions.  

My Vision

Break the cycle of meaningless jobs, unsescure retirements, and unfunded college and savings funds.

My Values

  • Providing a judgement free and inspiring environment to grow as real estate badass
  • Continually thinking outside box
  • Being a positive influence in my clients lives

Professional Accomplishments

  • Owns 4 companies with 10 employees
  • Current President of the Wisconsin Apartment Association
  • Built a property management company up to include 130 units and employees in 5 years
  • 15+ years experience in real estate investing and management
  • Helped owner shift from a 35,000 a year loss on an investment to 50,000 profit
  • Successfully managed a portfolio of 45 REO properties and prepped for sale
  • Turned a half-vacant 20 unit property into an 85% occupancy rate increasing property value by in 4 months and making it marketable for sale
  • Increased rental income for a 10 unit portfolio by $7,800 in 18 months
  • Former Director of Online Content for Wisconsin Apartment Association

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